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The eight winners of the Trienala Ladina 2023 and "Richard Agreiter - Purchase of a Sculpture" competitions have been announced.

Jury members and museum collaborators
Jury members and museum collaborators

Karin Ferrari (*1982), Veronika Moroder (*1992), Christian Niccoli (*1976), Christine Runggaldier (*1988), Valeria Stuflesser (*1996), Claus Vittur (*1967) and Gustav Willeit (*1975):These are the names of the seven winners of the art competition "Trienala Ladina 2023", who will present their works at the exhibition from 16 June to 5 November 2023 in the Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor in St. Martin in Thurn in Val Badia. An international jury selected the artists from various Ladin regions from among many high-quality applications from young but also established artists. The jury consisted of Lisa Trockner, managing director of the South Tyrolean Artists' Association, Thina Adams, director of the Museum for Mountain Photography LUMEN at Kronplatz, the sculptor Lois Anvidalfarei from Badia, Stefania Pitscheider Soraperra, director of the Women's Museum Hittisau in Vorarlberg, and the artistic director of the Künstlerhaus Wien, art historian, curator and author Günther Oberhollenzer, who is also curating the exhibition Trienala Ladina 2023.

The winner of the art competition "Richard Agreiter - Purchase of a Sculpture" is Sophie Eymond. The artist, who was born in Clamart (F) in 1991 and has been living in Ortisei for five years, shows, according to the jury's statement, an "unique artistic signature" and a "stringent, high-quality artistic oeuvre" that combines traditional and contemporary approaches, innovatively unites different materials and searches for new ways of understanding sculpture. The sculpture by the young Frenchwoman selected by the jury, which is now being purchased by the Museum Ladin, expresses personality and has something fragile about it despite the bronze material in which it is made.

The above-mentioned competitions are organised by the Museum Ladin every three years with the aim of making the artistic work in the Ladin regions known to a wider public, to enhance it and to support it.

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