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Cultural heritage in South Tyrol

Museums and cultural institutions have been working to conserve the cultural heritage of South Tyrol since 2003 by cataloguing and digitizing their cultural and artistic artefacts and objects. Sculptures, paintings, illustrations, archive materials, archaeological finds, visual, audio and audiovisual documents and other items are pictured, described and classified in accordance with recognized standards. The portal currently contains around 150,000 objects and it is continually updated. It is possible to look for items by entering their names or keywords. The “advanced search” option can be used for more specific searches within the collections. The digitization and cataloguing comply with international standards. The catalogue is available in Italian and German.

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Motiv: Familie in einer ladinischen Bauernstube beim Beten.

Hersteller: Morlang Angel


Porträt eines älteren Mannes mit Brille, Bleistiftszeichnung

Hersteller: Irsara, Lois

Radierung aus der Sammlung Die Dolomitenfront während des 1. Weltkrieges

Dargestellt ist ein Kriegsschauplatz in den Bergen im Winter

Hersteller: Kasimir Luigi