The app from the Museum Ladin

The primary audience for this app are families and young people who should be encouraged through the game to visit the Museum Ladin. A special feature of this app is the multilingualism (Ladin, German, Italian and English).

The app starts with a short introductory video consisting in a flight around the Ciastel de Tor,  main seat of the Museum Ladin.

The app consists of two games.

Game. 1

Mostly happy, but sometimes evil goblins inhabit the Museum Ladin. They are called Zicuta, Moltina, the False King, Spina de Mul, Ey de Net and Orco. These names derive from figures of Ladin legends. Their heads came from Val Gardena wooden toys exhibited in the museum.

Throughout the day, they are on the road in the museum, but sometime they play their pranks.
The aim of the game is to repair the damage caused by goblins, the whole during a three-dimensional virtual museum tour.

Game. 2

This is a tour through the museum in which the rooms are displayed in three dimensions.
There are 10 tasks which must be solved in a few rooms of the museum:

  1. Excavate archaeological objects
  2. Recognize and correctly assign exhibits of the museum
  3. Play a melody on pans in the kitchen
  4. Memory with coats of arms
  5. Assign the people to the “talking pictures”
  6. Assign mountains of the Dolomites to the corresponding silhouette
  7. Puzzle with a church altar
  8. Dust off showcases
  9. Insert missing figures in a catalog
  10. Assign postcards to their appropriate panorama

Who is able to solve the tasks in less time and with less errors wins. For each wrong answer penalty seconds will be added.