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The Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor/Betrieb Ladesmuseen is looking for staff:
- 1 position of cleaner, 15 hours per week; from 11.04.2023 to 30.11.2023, closing date for applications is 20.03.2023

- 2 positions for bar staff, 25 hours per week; from Tuesday to Sunday, from 24.04.2023 to 28.11.2023, closing date for applications is 23.03.2023

- 1 position for cashier and secretarial service position, 24 hours per week; from 02.05.2023 to 05.11.2023, closing date for applications is 31.03.2023

For further information please contact the following, tel. 0474 524020

Please send the application with curriculum vitae to or submit in person at Museum Ladin, Str. Tor 65, 39030 San Martin de Tor

Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor

Str. Tor 65, I-39030 San Martin de Tor

Tel. +39 0474 524020

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